AMPERAGE is About Building Patient Relationships

AMPERAGE | November 21st, 2014

467426677As any healthcare provider knows, the trust of a patient is a precious thing. It makes treatment and recovery more palatable. Trust is the first step in establishing a relationship. With the lifetime household healthcare expenditure estimated to be more than $1.5 million for hospitals and $1 million for physician-related expenses, establishing a trusting relationship with patients and potential patients is critical. Alienating patients can be an expensive exercise.

This is a core belief of our healthcare marketing team, based on our experiences in marketing critical care hospitals, community hospitals, hospital systems, specialty clinics and medical device manufacturers.

Our strategy to help healthcare clients market their services, increase awareness and gain new patients is built on our brand touch points – Connect | Motivate | Measure. When we help clients Connect, it means more than just generating leads. It means we create an emotional connection between your brand and the prospective patient; it means building strong relationships with patients one at a time. Business today is all about building trusting relationships so companies can get and retain patients for the long term. Once your expertise is established in the mind of the customer, it’s the relationship that keeps them coming back.

Our goal is to Motivate patients to engage with you so you can begin building that all-important relationship and create trust that your expertise and experience can benefit the patient. Nothing happens until a patient takes action – picks up the phone or goes online to make an appointment.

In the end, we want to Measure the impact our work, our messaging and our message delivery on your behalf have generated. When we generate initial contact from a person who expresses interest in your services, it is the start of a relationship-building process that is then fully in your hands (though we can help by implementing patient retention programs). We measure the interactions we generate so you know what you are getting for your marketing investment.

We look forward to building a trusting relationship with you and your team based on our extensive healthcare experience.

Jim Thebeau, Partner

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