Building Outstanding Trust

Robby Krapfl | December 19th, 2014

Phone CallTrust plays an important role in any purchasing decision, especially healthcare. Today’s patients are healthcare consumers. In a world where access to information is easier than ever before, many healthcare organizations are differentiating themselves by building trust. Healthcare patients make decisions based on both their cognitive and emotional responses. Because upwards of 80 percent of human decision-making is mostly emotional, it is critical to make an emotional connection. One way to address a future patient’s emotional response is to build outstanding trust with that patient. Trust gives patients a sense of comfort and well-being when making often complex decisions regarding their health.

One doctor in New Jersey is taking trust to an entirely new level. According to Jay Baer from Jay Today, this oral surgeon is able to build outstanding trust before he even sees the patient for the first time. How does he do it? Each Friday afternoon, his staff gives him a list with the names and phone numbers of first-time patients scheduled for appointments the following week. Then, over the weekend when he has spare time, this doctor calls each individual patient to introduce himself and his practice. He asks the patients if they have any questions regarding his expertise or the procedure that is soon to take place. This short, simple phone call is an opportunity to build instant rapport and trust between the doctor and his future patient. Although quite simple on the doctor’s behalf, patients are blown away by his willingness to go above and beyond.

Trust. Relationships. Rapport. Bonds. Patient referrals. All because of a simple phone call.

What does your organization do to build outstanding trust with your patients?

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