The Future Is Mobile. Is Your Website?

Robby Krapfl | November 14th, 2014

The flu can hit you at any time and in any place. It just so happens to hit you while you’re out of town on a family vacation. Talk about horrible timing. You’re sitting on the beach trying to enjoy some quality family time. You don’t have time to be sick. The flu doesn’t care. Man, you better see a doctor. Time to nip this virus in the bud before it ruins your entire trip. You grab your smartphone. Google to the rescue! “urgent care in Destin, Florida” yields endless results. Naturally, you click the first result. To your dismay, that organization doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site. You don’t have time to zoom in and scroll; you need to see a doctor now! You go back to the search page. The second result is an urgent care practice with a convenient mobile site. You are able to find an address, phone number, physician bios and hours right at your fingertips.

Mobile searchEarlier this year, mobile Internet usage exceeded desktop for the first time in history. Over 60 percent of people in the U.S. who access the Internet do so with their smartphone or tablet. In 2017, it is predicted that over 90 percent of Internet users will go online via smartphone. Mobile is the future of marketing. Regardless of the healthcare area in which you operate, today’s patients are healthcare consumers. They want information now.

Google has recently stated it plans to make mobile websites stand out in the future. Google prides itself on providing a user-friendly experience. It is becoming obvious that mobile websites are much more user friendly in the eye of consumers. As a result, Google is now testing an icon that will alert users if a website is mobile-friendly. This is predicted to play a role in order ranking on search pages. Do you want your website to be seen?

Whether you’re looking for an urgent care clinic while out of town, researching family physicians in your area or reading reviews on a new form of cancer treatment, you’re likely to do so on your mobile device. Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes must be sure their website is mobile. In today’s ultra-competitive healthcare marketplace, make sure your organization is quickly found online with a user-friendly mobile website.

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