Our Approach


Marketing healthcare isn’t like marketing anything else. To penetrate the clutter of thousands of marketing messages people see each day, you must make a powerful and immediate connection.
The Amperage creative process starts with research. We analyze your market and the competitive landscape, then interview stakeholders and patients. Then, we craft the right message and find the right medium to make an emotional connection with your patients.


Amperage Healthcare Marketing knows the art and science of engaging current patients and potential patients. Whether it’s a drive-to-web informational strategy, an online risk assessment, a customized mobile app or simply a postcard with a strong call to action, Amperage can motivate your audiences to take action.


Gone are the days of trusting instincts. We can – and must – quantify the results of healthcare marketing. From clicks on a website to numbers of surgical procedures performed, if there’s a marketing program, there’s a way to measure its impact.

We look at data like throughput, reimbursement, and business and patient analytics, then adjust our strategies accordingly to achieve your goals.

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