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Is Your Brand Healthy?

Robby Krapfl | June 24th, 2015

Your brand is your organization. Your brand is who you are and what you represent. It is much more than a name, logo, tagline and some pretty graphics. Your brand is your core. It’s your promise to the customers and patients you serve. It’s the way your customers and patients perceive you. It’s how you…read more

How to Effectively Use Facebook to Market Your Healthcare Organization

Robby Krapfl | January 12th, 2015

It should come as no surprise that most companies and organizations have a Facebook page. Social media platforms like Facebook are a great way to enhance your brand image, communicate with your customers and market your organization. Today’s successful medical practices are using Facebook to their advantage. If your healthcare organization does not have a…read more

The Future Is Mobile. Is Your Website?

Robby Krapfl | November 14th, 2014

The flu can hit you at any time and in any place. It just so happens to hit you while you’re out of town on a family vacation. Talk about horrible timing. You’re sitting on the beach trying to enjoy some quality family time. You don’t have time to be sick. The flu doesn’t care….read more

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